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  • ROVER Packhopper

    The world's first combination tennis ball hopper in a backpack. This all-in-one solution just made practice a whole lot easier.

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    *Minor edit: we've decided to run our campaign on Kickstarter instead of Indiegogo.

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    Convenient and stylish backpack

    The ROVER Packhopper was created to make it easier to carry everything you need for a practice session. In addition to holding 85 tennis balls, it also has a large pocket for two racquets, numerous small pockets for accessories, and mesh pockets for water bottles. It can easily be worn as a backpack or pulled along on its durable wheels.


    Easy access for feeding balls

    Designed to be the perfect practice partner, the ROVER Packhopper has extendable legs to raise the tennis balls to just the right height for feeding to an aspiring tennis star or working on your serve.


    Cleaning up the court is a breeze

    Just like a classic tennis ball hopper, the bottom of the ROVER Packhopper has metal bars spaced out just right for sucking up balls on the court. Built-in wheels make the whole process even easier.


    The perfect spot for your phone

    The ROVER Packhopper can even help you make videos of your practice session with a handy compartment that holds your phone (vertically or horizontally) in just the right spot.

  • Are you a tennis parent like me?

    I just wanted an easier way to practice tennis with my son.

    Hello aspiring tennis players and parents! My name is Eric and I learned to play tennis about 35 years ago. I still have the original tennis ball hopper I used back then that was a great practice partner, holding tennis balls and making it easier to pick them up. When I pulled out the old hopper a couple of years ago to start teaching my son how to play tennis, I was reminded how awkward it was to carry, especially with another bag of tennis equipment slung over my shoulder. I thought surely there must be a better solution, but I couldn’t find one. So I decided to create my own with the help of MAKO Design + Invent in Austin, Texas.

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    If we reach our fundraising goal by the end of our 60 day campaign, we will have the funds to place our first large manufacturing order.


    We Deliver To You This Fall

    We anticipate delivering the ROVER Packhopper to everyone who supported our campaign within four months of the end of the campaign.